Using cannabis oil as a daily supplement promises one quick acting relief and a full range of benefits, including better sleep, focus and renewed wellness. Despite the stark reviews of how much the oil has transformed peoples lives, you might still be sceptical with regards to shifting to using it on a daily basis. Below is why you should consider using trying it today!

Relief from pain and inflammation using Cannabis oil

Cannabis Oil

Using the oil impacts your endocannabinoid system (ECS) and reduces inflammation of neurotransmitters. When this happens, your body adapts to the effects and begins the healing process. For sore muscles and aches, cannabis is the go-to remedy.

Depression and anxiety using Cannabis oil

Cannabis Oil

Panacea oil interacts with your body’s receptors. Which influences serotonin’s secretion into the body, which results in you feeling calmer and more balanced. Cannabis produces new neurons in the hippocampus, which can reverse all the negative feelings generated by anxiety and depression. When you have a presentation coming up or an extensive interview. A few drops of oil will have you calm and on top of your game.

Inflammatory skin conditions

Cannabis oil, in its purest form, infuses the body with anti-inflammatory properties. The sedum reductions ability help to reduce acne. Acne results from the sebaceous gland getting overexcited and overproducing sebum. Cannabis oil is active in preventing sebaceous glands from producing excessive sebum and activation of inflammatory cytokines. Which are pro-acne agents.

Improved sleep

A good night’s sleep is often underrated. With a few drops of cannabis under the tongue or with your late-night drink, the cannabis oil works to calm and soother your nerves while helping the body heal and repair. The result is you feel much more relaxed and drift off to undisturbed sleep.

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