CBD oil has quickly become a fast-growing wellness trend all over the world. Although the industry has been booming in other nations, most CBD oil lovers in South Africa still couldn’t get the best CBD products until fairly recently.

Panacea oil produces a range designed to manage pain that also tastes great. Each high-quality CBD oil will have little to no THC because of the rigorous processing and manufacturing methods. Each oil is chosen carefully, with each bottle being very high quality and effective.


Exceptional levels of purity and quality

Every CBD product we produce is chosen from crops genetically selected for their phytochemical ranges, ensuring you get a full-potency CBD experience. Every bottle is purely organic, with a complete lack of pesticides and other chemicals used during the growing process.


CBD Oil offers versatile use

Whichever way you choose to take your CBD, whether it’s at the start of the day, during, or at the end, you can find the product you need and have it delivered on time if you want a product that’s pure and as natural as it gets.

If you want a CBD product that’s as close to natural as possible, it might be worth looking at the Panacea oil or Herbology Life range that promises solid, consistent goodness with every repeat use.

What you get with every drop of CBD Oil

Chronic pain treatment; an excellent way to help your body recover after injuries intense pain. Our Panacea oils offer a safer alternative to mainstream prescription medicine.

Relaxation; get rid of inflammation, and enjoy a solid night’s sleep and wake up feeling relaxed and energized. Our products let your body wind down after a hectic day and relax to help you sleep better

Stress Reduction; CBD oil induces an anti-anxiety effect that’s perfect for use when you have a big event planned or a meeting in a few to calm your nerves and increase performance. If you would like to know more, please contact us today.